An Interactive Recruitment Game | 2023

Do you see recruitment as a game? Well, it could be.

A recent recruitment trend is Gamification. In order to make Tech Rec more engaging for candidates and more effective for recruiters, it’s important to make it easier for them to understand them more deeply.

Whats Gamification? Great Question!

The application of game aspects and techniques in non-gaming situations, such as tech recruiting, is known as gamification. By creating a game-like recruiting experience, candidates will be encouraged to participate in the process and be engaged. Gamification is intended to make the recruiting process more engaging and fun for applicants, resulting in higher involvement and better results.

Gamification in tech recruiting may take numerous forms, including interactive quizzes, coding challenges, virtual reality simulations, and escape rooms. These game-like elements are intended to imitate real-world work circumstances, examine applicants’ skills and talents, and offer an objective assessment of their performance. This gives recruiters with data and analytics to objectively analyse a candidate’s performance, strengths, and flaws, allowing recruiters to make better recruiting decisions and enhance overall hiring quality.

Gamification may also improve applicant experience and employer branding. IT firms may exhibit their culture, values, and innovation by building an engaging and participatory recruiting process, making the company more appealing to top talent. This can also make candidates feel more involved in the hiring process, which leads to better levels of satisfaction and engagement.

IT firms can use gamification to attract and retain top talent while also creating a recruiting process that is not only effective but also easy for candidates. Companies may separate themselves from competitors and stand out in an overfilled employment market by introducing gamification into their recruitment process.

How can you IMPLEMENT this into your recruitment process?

Obviously, the first gamification process will involve some trial and error, but it may be worthwhile.

If you have the opportunity to do in-person recruiting, escape rooms are the ultimate group interview. You may see applicants’ interpersonal skills, collaboration, problem-solving abilities, and communication abilities in real-time, giving you a better understanding of them in real-world circumstances.

In terms of remote work, generating or obtaining tech-related gamified problems for applicants to solve through coding and programming seamlessly incorporates this trend into recruiting. When you watch candidates complete these questions, you can test their technical capabilities in real time and evaluate their problem-solving ability under pressure.

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