Are you taking a rest day? | 2023

Enjoying A REAL Long Weekend Of Rest:

We’ve all heard the saying, “you can’t pour from an empty cup,” but we’re not all listening. There is a significant difference.

With so many IT layoffs, employees are under even more pressure to prove their worth to their employers, but this pressure may be doing more damage than good.

Employees who fail to take enough breaks and guarantee productive relaxation throughout the work week are more affected to become burnt out, resulting in extended durations of absence and, in extreme cases, resignation.  It doesn’t pay to power through.

Here’s what we recommend to make the most of this long weekend:

  1. The less screen time you have, the better.

If, like us, you spend your workdays looking at displays of every size and shape, you need to go away to fully relax. Seek time away from technology, particularly visual technology. Don’t check your emails, keep away from business accounts, and if you’re playing… turn off your phone. You’ll be surprised at how much better you feel afterward.

  1. Take time for you need to enjoy yourself alone.

Some of us (introverts) will not be able to switch off if we are continually surrounded by family and friends. We understand that Easter celebrations are often associated with family, but we don’t feel awful if we skip out when it’s freely given.

3.Make new rituals and routines.

If you’ve been considering journaling, meditation, or a new workout programme, now is the time to start. Consider what personal nutrition moments you’d like to incorporate into your work week and begin implementing them into your downtime. You’ll probably have a bit more energy to put up the effort, and once established, it’ll be easier to incorporate into your work week.

  1. Get some fresh air and touch some grass.

It’s cliché, but hustling culture is as well. Get outside, take a stroll, and stretch your legs and ‘tech neck’. Find a nearby natural reserve, beach, or lake and go for a walk (ideally unplugged).

Weekly Technology News:

Italy has joined North Korea, Iran, Russia, and China in banning Open AI’s Chat GPT. The Italian government refuses to lift the ban until the platform’s flaws, which mostly concern data protection.

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LinkedIn TIP:

In order to attract career chances and opportunities, use the proper KEYWORDS in your profile.

When Recruiters and potential Connections search for profiles with your skill set, they use a precise set of phrases. You’re missing out if you’re utilising synonyms for such and failing to integrate the actual industry language and vocab that experts want.

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Not sure what keywords you should use?

Even if you are not looking for work, read through job postings and examine the terms. This term is frequently used to define your skill set or expertise! You should look for trends, key words, and concepts that stand out.

What should I do with them?

Incorporate the terms into your profile’s experience part (descriptions of your employment responsibilities), About section, or even your headline (depending on the relevancy of the term).


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