Job Satisfaction, Career, and Earnings Await Skilled Angular JS Professionals

When top companies like Google and Forbes build websites with Angular JS, you can make out a fledgling web development career with this framework.

Every business needs a website. In the digital world,a website can give the equal value like a well-furnished showroom that impresses the customer to spend time, explore products, and buy products. An exquisite website is an interface where users get attracted and interact with the website. Herein comes the relevance of front-end design where Angular framework, a powerful single-page application on the front end gives opportunities in web development.

Those who have an aptitude for web development can choose the Angular JS framework. For front-end development, designers and developers need this key structural framework for extending web application components.

How popular?

Now the question that arises here is,how popular is AngularJS. In the web development field,we can see many alternatives for Angular JS. The career aspirant may be confused to choose which. Well, that is understandable.

The key here is to understand the demand for Angular Developers to invest in that topic, upskill, and choose a career as a front-end developer either in India or Australia where the demand is high.Surveys tell front-end developers are in high demand because front-end is the most integral part due to factors like colour schemes, images, styling, and overall look and feel of the website that will ultimately help in the branding of the company.

It is also to be remembered that without front-end development retaining visitors is not going to be an easy task.Now let us see the popularity factor. A survey by LinkedIn states Angular JS has high demand as the top 15 jobs since 2019. When the world was under the grip of a pandemic the apt way for every business was to showcase their credentials online with the help of dynamic front-end development.


Candidates who have Angular JS skills can try as full-stackengineers for in-demand jobs in Australia, the US, the UK, and India. Angular JS goes well with other web development technologies like Code.js, React.js, CSS, and JavaScript.

In today’s context, time to market is an important factor that gives success to an enterprise. Angular JS owes its popularity due to its unique features like writing with minimum codes that will reduce the time of website development. That is why there is a demand for certification in Angular JS.

Is it a career worth?

Now that we have covered important areas like utility, demand, and popularity, the next thing we need to see is the remuneration part. Before discussing salary, it is important to ask a question about who uses this tool. Because that will help the learners to gauge the brand worth of this company.

Top companies like PayPal, Forbes, Google, TransferWise, Lego, Autodesk, Rockstar Games, United Parcel Services, and CrunchBase have used Angular JS for web development. Angular JS career aspirants can launch their careers or move to some of the top global firms mentioned above.

In India, the package is INR 460,000 per annum. Some Bengaluru companies are offering a package of more than INR 500,000 per annum which is again attractive. If you are looking for an immigration career in Australia you can expect the market rate of ranging from AU$55k –to AU$83k annually.

Where to specialize?

Since its launch in 2013, Angular JS has emerged as a leading programming language used by global businesses and corporations worldwide. Those who want to be in a commanding position should master this framework, and upskill with the concepts like TypeScript, Bootstrap Grid System, Dependency Injections, SPA (Single Page Application), Directives, Forms, Pipes, Promises, Observables, etc.

Yet, everything depends on your ability to upskill with the latest versions like Angular 9 and stay relevant. To be precise, build knowledge on UI elements of Angular like Angular Material to integrate design elements into applications. This will help you get the coveted job in the web development field with a good package.

Web development career aspirants have fears like DIY platforms like Wix and Weebly. Some may think that web development is getting saturated. Let us check the veracity of the same. Those who require static sites may indeed prefer Wix or Weebly. But those who want dynamic websites that keep up with the latest code will choose web development with a powerful front-end framework Angular JS has better utility.

More earnings await you

Ultimately, when you have extensive experience and updated knowledge getting a good package of more than INR 800,000 per annum is going to be a cakewalk. Go for it.

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