Top 10 Most Demanded IT Jobs in Australia in 2023

Top 10 Most Demanded IT Jobs in Australia in 2023

Tech skills are among the most in-demand due to the increasing use of technology in our daily lives. Which skill sets, though, are in higher demand? The top ten most sought-after IT positions for 2023 are listed below, along with salary information, based on Manvision market research and recruitment data as well as Australian Government jobs and skills statistics.


One of the most in-demand positions among the companies we work with in 2022 was for software developers, commonly known as software engineers. We anticipate that this year will be no different. Australia-wide IT leaders were surveyed by Clicks to predict the demand for various positions in their companies. The majority of respondents (40%) said they will hire developers during the next 12 months, placing developers at the top of the list once more.

Developers and programmers are ranked number 11 overall and among the top 20 most-needed jobs in Australia by SEEK.

  • ICT Security Consultant : 

By 2024, $7.6 billion is expected to be spent on cyber security. According to  market study, the most in-demand skill set is IT security, which further supports the high demand for IT security specialists.

The Australian Government’s Priority Skills list rates anticipated demand for every employment related to information security as “strong.” These positions include Cyber Security Architect, Cyber Security Analyst, Cyber Governance Risk, Compliance Specialist, Cyber Security Advice and Assessment Specialist, and Cyber Security Operations Coordinator.

  • Business Analyst:

Business analysts and systems analysts are expected to continue to rise in demand, according to the Australian Government’s Labour Market Insights, which list the top fields and occupations through 2026. 

The third-most sought-after IT position this year, according to our 2023 Recruitment & Retention Report, will be business analysis.

Visit our collection of job descriptions, which includes a Business Analysts job description, if BA is hiring and you need access to one quickly.

  • ICT Architect:

IT architects will rank fourth on this year’s list of most in-demand roles, according to a Clicks study of employers. Given the essential tasks they undertake to make sure companies select and develop IT resources that are effective, efficient, scalable, and secure, it is understandable why they are in demand across all sectors.

Although they can also specialize in specific fields or technologies, such IT Security or Salesforce, the three primary types of IT architects are Solution, Enterprise, and Infrastructure.

  • Data Analyst: 

As more companies want to extract their own data and convert it into profitable business insights, demand for data analysts is rising. Data Analyst demand will surpass demand for all other data roles in 2022, followed by Data Engineer demand. We anticipate that this pattern will endure moving forward.

  • System Engineer:

Manvision had more requests for Systems Administrators last year, but according to our most recent company inquiry, demand for Systems and Infrastructure Engineers will increase in 2023. Systems engineers and systems administrators may perform similar tasks. However, while the latter concentrates on setup and support, systems engineers often focus on creating and enhancing systems and networks as well as many other aspects of IT infrastructure.

  • ICT Project Manager:

Large-scale and complicated ICT projects are delivered successfully by project managers. We anticipate a significant increase in demand for project and programme managers in 2023 as technology continues to be essential to companies’ operational and strategic success.

  • System Administrator:

Systems administrators play a major role because they give all employees the ability to perform their job responsibilities. They are in charge of the setup and continuing maintenance of networks, desktop PCs, and other business systems. Data from the Australian government indicate future growth will be 38.9%.

  • Test Analyst:

The iterative nature of agile software development practises has affected, offshored, and outsourced software testing. Demand for test analysts is still present, especially for those with expertise in automation and the capacity to locate and fix flaws.

  • Product Owner:

Demand for product positions has increased over the past five years as businesses look to enhance or expand their range of products. Product roles are still relatively new. Four to one, Manvision recruited more Product Owners than Product Managers a year ago.

Employers need “doers” who can translate strategies and consumer needs into tasks that the development team can complete, even though product managers are crucial to determining the course of the product. In smaller companies, the Product Manager could assume the specific responsibilities of a Product Owner.

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